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Apple Study

At the start of the year, I always feel like I am data mining.  I’m getting to know a new group of kids and I need to see their strengths, interests, and learning stamina.  Doing an exploration is always a good way to study a subject from many sides and let different learners shine. Yesterday […]

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Self Portraits

We recently finished our autobiographies.  Students wrote about favorite things, their family and home, what they might like to be when they grow up and a description of themselves.  In order to create a cover for their book, we worked this week on creating self portraits. I usually don’t instruct the students when they are […]

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Architectural Drawings-Our School

We’ve been working on still-life drawing and painting this year.  I want the students to draw what they see and not learn how I think they should draw something.  The perspective of children while looking at objects is so different than the way most adults encounter them, so much, in my opinion more magical.  We […]

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Farm School-Bees and Weaving

We were so excited to be back at Green Bow Farm today for Farm School.  Every time we visit, we are learning, exploring and experiencing a small bite of what Green Bow farm is and does.  There is never a visit without surprises.  Today, we started out looking at a nest of robins!     […]

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Three Sisters Garden

Today, I read the Native American  legend of the Three Sisters to our class because the Thorp Community Garden we have been building behind our school is based on it.  Here is the excerpt that I read them from Cornell University Garden Based Learning: The following story, entitled “The Three Sisters,” was recorded by Lois […]

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Postcard Project

This week we painted some lovely pear blossoms in our still life.  This time we painted on index cards so we could send a little cheer to our loved ones this Spring.     We let them dry and today during literacy time, we learned how to write a letter, where to put the address […]

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The Potato King-A Storybook Inspired Project.

Harlow, Finn and I always have a few extra minutes to pop into the library as we transition over to Thorp in the afternoon.  The librarian does a beautiful job of picking picture books and facing them so the covers entice us.  Harlow picked The Potato King by Christoph Nieman.  It’s the history of potatoes […]

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Arts Education: Music Class with Kyle Bain

    Our arts education program is proud to include a weekly one hour music lesson.  Today was our first class and children enjoyed learning the difference between a note and a chord, the anatomy of a guitar and several other instruments including a ukulele and a glockenspiel.  Kyle taught the children to sing the […]

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