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Morning Work K-1 Group

At Discovery Lab we believe in indvidualized learning.  Students work at their own level and pace.  Assisgnments, while similiar are catered to each childs level.  I use the daily morning work to evaluate students progress and work with students on individual goals. Journals are a big part of our morning work.  I suggest a topic […]

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A Book by Louie

One day Louie sat at the typewriter and wrote, “1 dog and its pup” then illustrated it.   She then told me she has listened to an audio book from the library with a story about a boy and his dog.  “I started this drawing and then I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The […]

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Auto Biographies

After a whole month of reading biographies, it’s finally time to write our own.  During the K-1 literacy group we are working page by page to write and illustrate a book about ourselves.  Using sentence starters gives younger writers the opportunity to practice sentence structure, including conventions of punctuation, capitalization and inventive spelling.  Students can […]

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Postcard Project

This week we painted some lovely pear blossoms in our still life.  This time we painted on index cards so we could send a little cheer to our loved ones this Spring.     We let them dry and today during literacy time, we learned how to write a letter, where to put the address […]

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The Potato King-A Storybook Inspired Project.

Harlow, Finn and I always have a few extra minutes to pop into the library as we transition over to Thorp in the afternoon.  The librarian does a beautiful job of picking picture books and facing them so the covers entice us.  Harlow picked The Potato King by Christoph Nieman.  It’s the history of potatoes […]

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Book Club

Tuesday morning book club is a new addition to our routine.  Children have been taking turns reading to me but this week, we changed it up and each child chose a just right book to read to the students in the K-1 group.     I love the way the students lean in, gather around […]

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We are currently working on reading and writing biographies.  Each day this month we will be reading about a different historical figure and discussing their importance.  Today in K-1 literacy small group time, we read a biography of Dr. Suess in honor of his upcoming birthday March 2nd. Children wrote three sentence biographies about someone […]

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Reading Buddies

One of the many benefits of a multi-age classroom is our ability to pair older and younger students to undertake learning tasks.  Often our older students lend a hand in teaching younger students, while building their own confidence as capable mentors. While we were in the hall of Thorp School finishing our day with a […]

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Math with Money

Wednesday we began to explore the world of math with money.  Here are a few skills we worked on with coins. First we used estimation.  Each student guessed the number of coins that was in the jar.  Next we sorted them.   Each student then counted, using the skill of one to one correspondence, their […]

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Multi-Sensory Learning-Sight Words

Teaching sight words or high frequency words in classrooms has become a big part of  literacy and early reading practices.  They are often taught as a drill (flash cards and lists) and they are often accepted by students with reluctance.  In the Discovery Lab, we like to use many different approaches to learn our sight […]

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