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Apple Study

At the start of the year, I always feel like I am data mining.  I’m getting to know a new group of kids and I need to see their strengths, interests, and learning stamina.  Doing an exploration is always a good way to study a subject from many sides and let different learners shine. Yesterday […]

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Morning Work K-1 Group

At Discovery Lab we believe in indvidualized learning.  Students work at their own level and pace.  Assisgnments, while similiar are catered to each childs level.  I use the daily morning work to evaluate students progress and work with students on individual goals. Journals are a big part of our morning work.  I suggest a topic […]

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Running into Fractions

Today we decided to take lunch out under the huge tree by the track.  After lunch, I asked if anyone wanted to run around the track.  Off went Louie and Boden running and walking the full quarter mile.  When they got back Finn ran an entire lap without stopping.  Audrey and Harlow began running and […]

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Architectural Drawings-Our School

We’ve been working on still-life drawing and painting this year.  I want the students to draw what they see and not learn how I think they should draw something.  The perspective of children while looking at objects is so different than the way most adults encounter them, so much, in my opinion more magical.  We […]

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Flea Market 2.0

While doing an activity once has value, revisiting an activity has a multitude of benefits.  Our first flea market was a big success for the students, they planned, learned about coin denominations, practiced making change, predicted what prices would work to sell their wares and then evaluated their efforts.  In giving the students a second […]

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Units of Measurement-Conventional and Invented

We are learning about measurements.  Last week we were able to apply these skills while we were at Green Bow Farm.  In order to construct Emmetts new chicken run, we had to measure wood, tarp and wire. Teaching the basics is easier and more fun if the kids can learn kinesthetically and creatively.  Today, we […]

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Teaching Time

We are learning to tell time.  In order to learn how a clock works, we will need to know how to count by 5’s to the number 60. The children routinely work on this skill with their DreamBox math but we also practice writing the numbers and counting aloud. It is also important to learn […]

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Project Based Math Learning: The Flea Market

We have been studying money in our small math groups.  Through games and activities, children have learned the denominations of coins, how to count them by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s, addition and subtraction. We use real money so that the size, weight and appearance can help the children learn to distinguish them.  We have sorted, […]

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Math with Money

Wednesday we began to explore the world of math with money.  Here are a few skills we worked on with coins. First we used estimation.  Each student guessed the number of coins that was in the jar.  Next we sorted them.   Each student then counted, using the skill of one to one correspondence, their […]

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