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Three Sisters Garden

Today, I read the Native American  legend of the Three Sisters to our class because the Thorp Community Garden we have been building behind our school is based on it.  Here is the excerpt that I read them from Cornell University Garden Based Learning: The following story, entitled “The Three Sisters,” was recorded by Lois […]

By Jenna Richter | May 12, 2016 | Arts, Farming, Project Work, Science Read More

Magical Beans

Louie’s mom, Hanni, brought us a large cup of mystery beans she had shucked and saved a year or two ago.  We weren’t sure if anything would sprout but we decided to create an experiment about it.  I started by asking the students what different ways we have grown things this year that might work […]

By Jenna Richter | May 10, 2016 | Farming, Project Work, Science Read More

Flea Market 2.0

While doing an activity once has value, revisiting an activity has a multitude of benefits.  Our first flea market was a big success for the students, they planned, learned about coin denominations, practiced making change, predicted what prices would work to sell their wares and then evaluated their efforts.  In giving the students a second […]

By Jenna Richter | May 3, 2016 | Mathematics, Project Work Read More

Farm Day-Building a Loom and Transplanting Pumpkins

Another lovely Spring day spent at Green Bow Farm.  On today’s list, build a living farm loom for a farm weaving project, transplant pumpkins, see how the onions we started last time have grown and meet some turkey chicks. In preparation for our farm loom project, we worked on mastering some weaving skills.  We started […]

By Jenna Richter | April 29, 2016 | Farming, Project Work, Science, Sustainablility Read More

Auto Biographies

After a whole month of reading biographies, it’s finally time to write our own.  During the K-1 literacy group we are working page by page to write and illustrate a book about ourselves.  Using sentence starters gives younger writers the opportunity to practice sentence structure, including conventions of punctuation, capitalization and inventive spelling.  Students can […]

By Jenna Richter | April 26, 2016 | Literacy, Project Work Read More

Green Bow Farm Educational Partnership-Chicken Day

Our latest trip to Green Bow Farm was to study chickens.  Most of our families raise backyard chickens and have quite a bit of experience with it.  Emmetts family has recently decided to join into the farming fun with 6 hens and possibly some chicks.  Farmer Matt had the idea that we could all work […]

By Jenna Richter | March 29, 2016 | Farming, Project Work, Sustainablility Read More

Joining the Thorp Community Garden

We have been invited to join into the Thorp Community Garden.  Last year, Thorp Schools added raised beds and a worm bin to the back of the school.  This year, parent Marion, has decided to undertake the task of adding a Three Sisters Garden.  In order to do so, there are some things that need […]

By discoverylab | March 15, 2016 | Farming, Project Work, Science Read More

The Potato King-A Storybook Inspired Project.

Harlow, Finn and I always have a few extra minutes to pop into the library as we transition over to Thorp in the afternoon.  The librarian does a beautiful job of picking picture books and facing them so the covers entice us.  Harlow picked The Potato King by Christoph Nieman.  It’s the history of potatoes […]

By discoverylab | March 14, 2016 | Arts, Literacy, Project Work Read More

Egg Drop Challenge

After reading the book Queen of the Falls, we were inspired to design a container that, like Annie Edson Taylors barrel, could survive quite a fall. First we drew preliminary drawings and made a list of need materials.     When we had gathered enough containers, padding in the form of paper towels, wool, and tissue […]

By discoverylab | March 3, 2016 | Engineering, Project Work Read More

Tall Cup Stack Challenge

Working in teams, the students were presented with two challenges.  First they were to build a shelter that was big enough for them to fit inside Each group had 80 cups to work with. Next, the students worked to build their tower as tall as they could get it.   Then the teams combined using […]

By discoverylab | February 17, 2016 | Engineering, Project Work Read More
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