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Farm School-Bees and Weaving

We were so excited to be back at Green Bow Farm today for Farm School.  Every time we visit, we are learning, exploring and experiencing a small bite of what Green Bow farm is and does.  There is never a visit without surprises.  Today, we started out looking at a nest of robins!     […]

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Farm Day-Building a Loom and Transplanting Pumpkins

Another lovely Spring day spent at Green Bow Farm.  On today’s list, build a living farm loom for a farm weaving project, transplant pumpkins, see how the onions we started last time have grown and meet some turkey chicks. In preparation for our farm loom project, we worked on mastering some weaving skills.  We started […]

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Salmon Days

Today we went on a field trip to Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group site at Diamond H Ranch.  They had us work in small groups at five stations, habitat, water quality, salmon migration, tree planting and salmon life cycle. Our group started at the Habitat Station.  We first discussed the differences between the two habitats: pond […]

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Where there is Dirt, We Will Grow

If it was up to the Discovery Lab, our school grounds would be covered in crops and flowers.   Besides helping with the Three Sisters Project in the Thorp Community Garden behind school, Hanni got permission for us to take over some neglected planters by the entrance.  Today we cleared debris, planted starts and a […]

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Green Bow Farm Educational Partnership-Chicken Day

Our latest trip to Green Bow Farm was to study chickens.  Most of our families raise backyard chickens and have quite a bit of experience with it.  Emmetts family has recently decided to join into the farming fun with 6 hens and possibly some chicks.  Farmer Matt had the idea that we could all work […]

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Green Bow Farm-Fermentation and Seeding Onions

During our latest trip to Green Bow Farm, we learned about Food Sovereignty.  Food Sovereignty is defined as, “is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems.”  Farmer Christina explained how being able to preserve […]

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Green Bow Educational Partnership: Sheep Shearing Day!

  These trips bring learning about sustainability, animals, and how to care for them into technicolor.  Everything we do in the Discovery Lab is meant to be hands-on, three dimensional and meaningful by way of experience.  When we go to the farm, one lesson is planned and unexpected lessons unfold before our very eyes. We started […]

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Green Bow Farm Educational Partnership

Many thanks to Green Bow Farm for inviting us to learn about sustainable farming throughout the year.  We will be at the farm twice a month to learn about the animals and the process of multi-species rotational grazing. During our first visit, we learned the background behind this farming method.  Farmer Matt discussed how each […]

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