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Discovery Lab at Central Washington University

On Friday we spent the day on the Central Washington University Campus.  We are so lucky to have so many families with amazing community connections.  We have four CWU faculty families.  This time we were hosted by Allyson in the Science Department. We started our day in the greenhouse.  Our guide explained how scientists use […]

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Writers at Work

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Our Growing School

I am thrilled to be at the beginning of a new school year and new adventure with the Discovery Lab.  We have doubled in size and are growing and changing in so many ways.  Today we welcomed eight new students to our class. The next few weeks will be all about setting expectations, building routines […]

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Data Collection, Bar Graphs and Exercise Science

Today’s math activity incorporated several math concepts as well as exercise.  We built a chart to record how many times students could do simple exercises in a thirty second period.  We included arm circles, jumping, rolling side to side and high knees.  Students took turns counting for each other and recording data.     After […]

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Story Problems for K-1-Leprechaun Math

Todays story problem was inspiring because we had leprechauns on the brain already.  Our day will include designing and building leprechaun traps but first table work needed to be complete.  Today’s mystery clue was read to us by Louie.  “Draw two leprechauns fighting over a rainbow in a field of clover.”  After drawing, I whispered […]

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Project Based Math Learning: The Flea Market

We have been studying money in our small math groups.  Through games and activities, children have learned the denominations of coins, how to count them by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s, addition and subtraction. We use real money so that the size, weight and appearance can help the children learn to distinguish them.  We have sorted, […]

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House Building Contest

After building our giant newspaper structure.  The students and I discussed making individual houses.  Emmett liked the idea of making it a contest.  We brainstormed ideas for how the houses would be judged.  Our categories to be judged by include strongest, smallest, biggest, most interesting and which used the biggest variety of materials. Emmett set […]

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The Full Moon

I spotted these sheep under the full moon on the way to school yesterday.  I shared the photo with the class as a way to open a conversation about the moon. I asked, “What do we know about the moon?” Louie:  The moon isn’t that bright.  The moon is a mirror reflecting off of the […]

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How strong is a piece of paper?

This morning I asked our class, do you think we can balance books on top of a paper standing on end?  “No!”  What if we fold it or roll it?  “Maybe” they replied.  I made three shapes we have been working with during our shapes and engineering unit. Out of ordinary copy paper we rolled […]

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Small Group Work with Literacy

Each day students use a balanced program of reading to themselves, reading to adults, using a reading program on the computer and working in small groups with games to help them become proficient readers and writers.  One of our favorite games is Silly Sentences.  I divide nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions into separate cups.  We […]

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