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The Symmetry of Snowflakes

We have had so much snow this year that it seemed logical to teach symmetry and shapes with snowflakes.  We first studied images of snowflakes.  The students observed that each unique snowflake  had three axis running through the center. We set to work making 4 inch strips of paper into triangles, squares and circles.  After […]

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Game Day

Today we played two board games in class.  We usually play sight word bingo, Silly Sentances, What’s Gnu? and other literacy and math games in class but there is something delightful about a good old fashioned board game.  First, we played Perfection.  It’s a classic game where you have to put shapes into the device […]

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Steam Nights at Thorp Schools

We have partnered with Thorp School District and CWU’s CESME (The Center for Excellence in Science and Mathematics) to provide four STEAM nights, available to all Kittitas county families. WHAT Interactive STEAM projects for all Kittitas county students K-12 and their families. Learners of all ages will work together to build robots, learn about rockets, […]

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Growing Our Kitchen Scraps

  We have begun the process of growing plants from our kitchen scraps.  Last week we started an avocado pit and two celery hearts.  This morning I left a prompt on the art table that said, “Can you draw the celery?”  I found Boden and Louie drawing the celery.  

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Classroom Volunteer, Mother and Nurse Hanni Helps us Learn How to Prepare a Slide

This week several strange and wonderful things have appeared for our science table.  I brought in a set of legs that my window spider Charlotte shed and Louie brought in a shrimp skin.  Hanni helped Finn and Louie prepare a slide with one of Charlotte’s very hairy legs and one of a section of shrimp […]

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Engineering With Newspaper

On Monday, I brought in a box of newspaper and told the students that we were going to build ourselves a house. In true Discovery Lab spirit, they weren’t even a little skeptical. The entire day they were begging me to get started but we didn’t work on it until the end of the day. […]

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A Day at Discovery Lab

It’s 8:30 am on a Monday morning and students are just arriving at the Discovery Lab classroom for another day of exploration and learning.  After putting their things away, students meet in the center of the classroom for the morning meeting.  Everyone grabs a seat on the couch or on the floor instead of  a […]

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