Kites-Lift, Drag and Gravity

By Jenna Richter | April 6, 2016 | Engineering, Science

When Spring brings wind to Thorp, it’s time to learn about kite building.  Monday brought a perfectly sunny and windy day so I set out various types of papers, plastics and foam as well as straws and strings.



Students set to work creating kites then tested them by running with them back in forth in the hallway.  They then revised their plans as they noticed things like lighter was better, long string was needed and too much tape makes your kite too heavy.

When time was up, we headed outside to see if the wind could power them.






Emmett ran with his kite and the light tissue paper design floated right up.  Rohan found more wind at the top of the tall slide.  Finn and Finn headed to the top of the climber and found high winds their as well.  Eventually all the students went to the top of the climber.  There was a moment when all the kites were flying.  Shortly after, most of the kites were tangled.




We will continue our study of lift, drag and gravity as we modify and improve our kites on the next windy day.