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Discovery Lab at Central Washington University

On Friday we spent the day on the Central Washington University Campus.  We are so lucky to have so many families with amazing community connections.  We have four CWU faculty families.  This time we were hosted by Allyson in the Science Department. We started our day in the greenhouse.  Our guide explained how scientists use […]

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Writers at Work

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Apple Study

At the start of the year, I always feel like I am data mining.  I’m getting to know a new group of kids and I need to see their strengths, interests, and learning stamina.  Doing an exploration is always a good way to study a subject from many sides and let different learners shine. Yesterday […]

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Our Growing School

I am thrilled to be at the beginning of a new school year and new adventure with the Discovery Lab.  We have doubled in size and are growing and changing in so many ways.  Today we welcomed eight new students to our class. The next few weeks will be all about setting expectations, building routines […]

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Morning Work K-1 Group

At Discovery Lab we believe in indvidualized learning.  Students work at their own level and pace.  Assisgnments, while similiar are catered to each childs level.  I use the daily morning work to evaluate students progress and work with students on individual goals. Journals are a big part of our morning work.  I suggest a topic […]

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Self Portraits

We recently finished our autobiographies.  Students wrote about favorite things, their family and home, what they might like to be when they grow up and a description of themselves.  In order to create a cover for their book, we worked this week on creating self portraits. I usually don’t instruct the students when they are […]

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A Book by Louie

One day Louie sat at the typewriter and wrote, “1 dog and its pup” then illustrated it.   She then told me she has listened to an audio book from the library with a story about a boy and his dog.  “I started this drawing and then I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The […]

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Running into Fractions

Today we decided to take lunch out under the huge tree by the track.  After lunch, I asked if anyone wanted to run around the track.  Off went Louie and Boden running and walking the full quarter mile.  When they got back Finn ran an entire lap without stopping.  Audrey and Harlow began running and […]

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Human Bridges-Bridge Project

What does it feel like to be a bridge?  What type of forces are at play? What else is required?  How can you know unless you feel it?  Discovery Lab students are offered opportunities to learn through every possible modality:  visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  We need to see it, hear it and feel it to […]

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Bridge Day 2-Building from Plans

Yesterday, we broke into two groups and I asked students to follow simple diagrams to create two different kinds of bridges from toothpicks and marshmallows.  In the past, students have worked independently on engineering challenges and worked from their own imaginations but today, I wanted to explore collaboration and following blue prints.  I first asked […]

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