Our Growing School

By discoverylab | September 8, 2016 | Uncategorized

I am thrilled to be at the beginning of a new school year and new adventure with the Discovery Lab.  We have doubled in size and are growing and changing in so many ways.  Today we welcomed eight new students to our class.

The next few weeks will be all about setting expectations, building routines and helping students to be autonomous learners.  As we get to know eachother, I expect new challenges, new friendships and new discoveries to help us become a family the way you can in a mulit-age classroom.

Today, I relied on my second and third graders to take on some responsibilties in helping their younger classmates.  Returning students lent a hand to first time students showing them where to find supplies and how to line up.  Everyone worked together to learn, play and then clean up after ourselves.

There were moments of calm like when Liam, our third grader, read a book to most of the students in our library.  There were moments of frenzied excitement when we made discoveries about what could help keep our apple boats from listing.  There were moments of collaboration, Ramona asking Oisin, one of her writing table mates, for a little help sounding out a word.

The seeds of an amazing year of learning are all there.