Owl Pellet Exploration

By discoverylab | October 13, 2016 | Uncategorized

Due to the generosity of our families, we were able have everything we needed to do an owl pellet exploration.  Farmer Christina was able to secure pellets from her farmer friend.  Nurse Hanni was able to get us face masks and Professor Allyson had tiny gloves from the lab.  We are so lucky to have amazing families in our program.

We started out by discussing what we already knew about owl pellets.

Emery:  It is a mix of fur, bones and teeth.

Harlow:  It’s throw up maybe?

Liam:  They eat mice and their bodies can’t digest bones and fur so they cough it up.

Van:  Usually they eat small animals so the pellets will be small.

We gloved up, put masks on and headed to the tables to work with toothpicks to dissect the pellets.


We discovered beaks, teeth, skulls, leg bones and scapula, lots of fur and well, maggots.

We shared our discoveries when we reconvened.

Marie Sabine: I found baby flies!

Harlow:  There was two skulls inside one pellet.

Liam:  I was surprised there wasn’t any skin, the fur was loose.

After recess, we wrote some thank you notes to Kathie who donated the pellets.  During our last Units of Writing unit, we practiced letter writing.

Marie Sabine and Emery two of our Kinders working on their heartfelt thanks.

Here are a few samples from our second graders:





Tomorrow, we will walk to the post office (one of our favorite neighborhood strolls) to post our notes of thanks.