Running into Fractions

By discoverylab | May 31, 2016 | Mathematics

Today we decided to take lunch out under the huge tree by the track.  After lunch, I asked if anyone wanted to run around the track.  Off went Louie and Boden running and walking the full quarter mile.  When they got back Finn ran an entire lap without stopping.  Audrey and Harlow began running and walking.  When Emmett finished lunch he asked me to time his lap (1:41!).  Finn took another lap, Louie again and so on.  Half of us on the finish line cheering at all times and the other half making their way around.

Finn and Emmett on their third lap!
Finn and Emmett on their third lap!


By the time we were done, we tallied up everyone’s laps:

Emmett ran 1 mile

Finn ran 3/4 mile

Louie ran and walked 1 mile

Audrey ran and walked 5/8 mile

Boden ran and walked 3/4 mile

Harlow ran and walked 1/2 mile

When we came in, we talked about how many laps went into a mile (4) and then Emmett helped us figure out how to add the fractions to whole numbers demonstrating his knowledge for our younger students until we had a figure for our lunchtime miles.  Our six students ran 4 5/8 miles at lunch today!

Being able to show a use for fractions in the real world the key to building interest.