Small Group Work with Literacy

By Jenna Richter | January 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

Each day students use a balanced program of reading to themselves, reading to adults, using a reading program on the computer and working in small groups with games to help them become proficient readers and writers.  One of our favorite games is Silly Sentences.  I divide nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions into separate cups.  We pass the cups around like it’s a family dinner.  I offer, “Have a verb, I made them from my Grandmothers recipe.”  We joke, “I am not too fond of nouns, can you pass me an adjective to add some flavor?”  Everyone ends up with an entire sentence that can only be put together in the right order.  We take turns reading our silly sentences.

Finn reads, "A fox jumps over a thin ball."
Finn reads, “A fox jumps over a thin ball.”

Once we each have a collection of sentences, we choose our favorite and practice writing it.  Students are given an opportunity to add a story about their silly sentence and illustrate it.

"The dinosaur climbed on a duck?!" Boden repeats as he writes his sentence.
“The dinosaur climbed on a duck?!” Boden repeats as he writes his sentence.

This time together helps me to continually assess each student and see how to best support them as young readers and writers.