STEM Toothpick Playdough Tower Challenge

By Jenna Richter | March 15, 2016 | Engineering

This challenge gave each student one can of play dough and unlimited toothpicks.  Everyone worked seperately, though some ideas were contagious.

Harlow started with a blueprint, always a good plan when working with limited materials.  His play dough fell over during his absence and dried out so he was out.



The best laid plans....
The best laid plans….

Boden adopted a plan of many sticks in layered donuts of clay.


Finn worked on several ideas, one was using the play dough with out any toothpicks which promptly crashed over because it was too heavy.  His revised model used much less clay and some of the principles of our raisin and newspaper structures.




We looked at some photos of the leaning tower of Pisa.  Emmetts tower was the Leaning, but surviving, Tower of Emmett.  It stayed up all weekend and measured in at 21 inches tall!