Teaching Time

By discoverylab | March 8, 2016 | Mathematics

We are learning to tell time.  In order to learn how a clock works, we will need to know how to count by 5’s to the number 60. The children routinely work on this skill with their DreamBox math but we also practice writing the numbers and counting aloud.

It is also important to learn how to sequence events in order to comprehend the passage of time.  Working with the first and second graders, today we drew and wrote about our morning routines before school.


Notice the detail on all of the drawings. The top row is the Kindergartners and the bottom is the first graders. I asked the first graders to go further and label each step.


Next we discussed our school routine and drew pictures of each activity and set times for each of our daily activities.  Students made a clock for each activity.




We ordered the clocks and drawings and then we were able to hang up our daily schedule.  These will continue to be a resource for our class.




We will practice time telling throughout the rest of the school year.