What Do These Things Have In Common?

By discoverylab | October 11, 2016 | Uncategorized

Inspired by our field trip to the greenhouse on Friday, I decided to collect some things on my walk yesterday to share with the class.  I thought at first that I would collect leaves to compare and contrast but found such a plethora of beautiful and unique things on my walk I couldn’t wait to share them.


I presented them to our class and asked them to observe and tell me how the items were related.  Harlow noticed right away that they were signs of fall.  Van noticed that some were hairy.  Camden observed that they all had stems or sticks.



What was the common link?  Boden noticed the seeds on the milkweed pod.  I asked, “Do all these things have seeds?”  We weren’t sure so we opened up the cat tail and poof!  There were fuzzy seeds everywhere.  We cut open the choke cherry and found a pit.  We opened the rosehip and found small seeds.  We discovered that though these items looked to have nothing in common, they were all ultimately the carriers of seeds.  Teaching children to look at attributes this way and stay open to the possibilities is an important part of the hands on learning we do everyday in Discovery Lab.